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We have been filling propane tanks for the community for more than 25 years. We are known for our "fair filling" practices and extensive training program. These practices bring customers back time after time. "Fair filling" practices include: *filling the tank to the full amount; *charging you only for what we put in your tank; *offering you discounted prices based on day of the week and volume of propane you buy.

Save $ .10 /lb.   Every Sunday & Wednesday (Original Sale Days)
Save $ .10 /lb.   Every day for 35 or more lbs. (1 or more tanks)
Save $ .15 /lb.   Every day for 85 or more lbs. (1 or more tanks)
5 lb. minimum on each order

Feel free to call us to get a quote to fill up your tank(s)!

   With your new tank,  you get:
1.) propane at the sale price regardless of the day of the week
2.) no charge for purging of the tank

Revalving is done when you have the incorrect valve or your current valve is faulty. 

Recertification is done when your tank date is outdated. This is 12 years from original manufacturer's date or 5 years from the last re-certification date.  Keep your tank in good condition and re-certification saves you money from having to buy a brand new tank.

Wing's Way does recertifications. If your tank qualifies, in a few minutes, we will re-certify the tank while you wait and it costs $1.00 before the cost of the propane. Your tank is then certified to be used for another 5 years. We have the necessary federal ID number for performing recertications.

Need parts, grills other propane products?  

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